We offer our customers the choice of different psychrophilic or thermophilic varieties of ready-made turf. The selection of these varieties was based on the needs of the Greek market and the climatic conditions of Greece.

The seeds that we use to produce ready-made turf comes from the biggest companies for certified seed grass in the world, DLF and BARENBURG.

The varieties we produce are of the latest generation, with improved features and are selected after careful evaluation and testing.

The turf varieties we produce, are selected according to the following criteria:

  1. The turf must be in perfect condition in summer and winter.
  2. The turf must have excellent stress resistance throughout the year (football fields).
  3. The turf must have improved resistance to fungal attacks.
  4. The reduction of receivables and of maintenance costs of turf.

The ready-made turf is delivered with pallets of 50 pieces.
The size of a turf roll is: 0.40 m X 2.50 m and the thickness is between 1.5 cm – 2.5 cm.

The ready-made turf produced by MORE GREEN is divided into:

  • Psychrophilic varieties
  • Thermophilic varieties, and
  • Mixtures