Among the best varieties of fescue, medium, with thin leaf and a very dark green color. Suitable for tennis courts due to high resistance to stress and to summer conditions. It gives dense turf, intensely competitive. The amazing resistance to diseases such as fusarium, rust and net blotch helps maintain the high aesthetic of the mat.


One of the newer special, ready-made turf varieties. MASTERPIECE is specially designed to cope with high stress conditions, throughout the year, making it the ideal choice for golf courts and football fields. The ability το resist to the most common turf diseases such as fusarium , rust and net blotch along with the dark green foliage, ranks MASTERPIECE to the best varieties of fescue.


New mesophyll variety of turf with amazing dark green color, of American origin which holds one of the top places of the national USA turf evaluation program. This high quality turf, is characterized by high resistance even in extreme climatic conditions.


A new improved variety: festuca arundinacea that belongs to a new variety of turf, characterized with slow-growing. The dwarfish development type of BRAVEHEART, really makes it stand out among the other festuca arundinacea, because apart from the high quality turf that provides, it needs less mowing. At the same time it gives a very dense, dark green turf of high strength and beauty (suitable for sports use).