The top turf mixture with excellent features for football fields and sports venues, in both dry and warm areas, for countries like Greece. Has an ideal composition of the excellent turf varieties: Festuca Arundinacea 70% (two kinds Festuca Arundinacea 35% + 35%) Poa Pratensis 20% (two kinds Poa Pratensis 10% + 10%) and Lolium Perenne (both species Lolium Perenne 5% + 5% ). This high quality turf, has provided excellent results even in high stress conditions.


A mixture of three varieties fescue excellent matching between them. The combined characteristics of the mixture outweigh. These varieties fit together regarding the leaf thickness, the color and the overall aesthetic appearance. Particularly suitable for football fields (high stress conditions) and high aesthetics carpets (excellent appearance). It has the best behavior for both summer and winter. The carpet is thick and intensely competitive and provides maximum resistance to rust, net blotch and fusarium.